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Discover relaxing massages on the table, on the floor or ergonomic chair, energy treatments to balance both body and mind for inner well-being.

Take care of yourself, it is great with our special benefit foot reflexology.?Future mothers, give yourself the happiness of a moment of relaxation with a specifically adapted massage.

The well being stopover:
Body oil massage for complete relaxation: 30, 45 or 60 minutes?
Starting at 40 €

The hot stone treatment:
Basalt stone massage to relax areas of tension. : 45 or 75mn?
Starting from 60 €

Japanese hands-on energy treatment method. Treatment on the massage table whilst dressed: 30 or 60mn?
Starting at 40 €

Energy treatment:
Cleansing and rebalancing of the body's energy centers. Treatment on the massage table whilst dressed: 60mn?
From 72 €

Korean Relaxation
Relaxation on the ground based on stretching, shaking to let go. Treatment on the futon whilst dressed: 45 or 60mn?
Starting from 55 €

The Kobido facial
Japanese facial massage meaning 'traditional voice of beauty': 45mn?
60 €?

The amma stopover:
Massage meaning ‘to calm by the touch ‘with a sequence of pressures, percussions. On an ergonomic chair: 25mn?
At the price of 25 €

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